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"Jeff Chute has done a terrific job both renting out my cottage over the past years, and helping my family rent cottages. He's resourceful and quick to resolve any issues. Jeff communicates clearly and is helpful to both owners and renters. Since Jeffs been at the OPA, the rain never falls til after sundown and the morning fog is gone by eight. And his years of experience show in his good counsel to help the summer run smoothly."     - - Alice T.

"This past August our family rented a beautiful cottage right on the beach in Ocean Park, Maine. We are a family of 10 adults and a baby. We rented through a Ocean Park Realty. The gentleman that was most helpful from beginning through our stay was Mr. Jeff Chute. We arrived earlier in the year and met Mr. Chute who took us on a tour of many cottages. We were ecstatic to have so many choices. Within no time we had rented our first choice. It was an amazing cottage as I mentioned right on the beach, 4bd, 2 baths and plenty of family space including a closed in porch where we spent many hours laughing and celebrating our time together. I was amazed at how well everything flowed with our booking and that I attribute to Mr. Chute. Before actually arriving I would have some questions about our stay and Mr. Chute always answered timely and most helpful. And during our stay I had a few questions and again I can't say enough about how well we were treated. Honestly, this was the best vacation! We were all together in a little haven. We can't wait to schedule another vacation for 2016. Of course, with Mr. Chute and Ocean Park Realty. The only way to go!"   - - Deb

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Updated: September 26, 2017